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GE/ ABB Products


Type VR-1™ Single-phase Step Type Regulators

The General Electric Type VR-1 step voltage regulator is essentially a single-phase, regulating autotransformer.

 A tapped series winding and motor-operated, tap-selector switch afford dependable voltage regulation from 10 percent above to 10 per-cent below line voltage in thirty-two, 5/8 percent steps.

The VR-1 Regulator is automatically controlled by the GE-2011 control which responds to changes in the system voltage to initiate the desired tap change.

Spectra and Spectra II Series™ Plug-In and Feeder Busway

General Electric is a world leader in busway manufacturing and design, providing a wide range of busway types available from 30 to 5000 amperes and up to 600 Volts ac.

GE busway has many advantages over wire and conduit:

—Lower total installed cost. Busway material costs are often equal or less than wire and conduit, and contractors can install busway in a fraction of the time.

—Lower life cycle cost. Busway components can be added, deleted, or relocated one month or even many years after the initial installation, saving time and money.

—Predictable characteristics. Busway systems conform to common standards. Consultants can use readily published data on busway short-circuit ratings, voltage drop, weights and dimensions in the planning stage of an electrical project.

—Can save considerable space in tight electrical closets and existing buildings.

GE Spectra Busway
GE ABB Saft Switch

GE Safety Switches

General Duty, Type TG
General Duty, Type TG

30-600 Amperes

240 Volts AC       

250 Volts DC                                    

30-1200 Amperes

600 Volts AC       

600 Volts DC                                    

General Duty, Type TG

30-600 Amperes

240 Volts AC  

250 Volts DC                                    

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